Why I'm doing all this

Welcome to my tiny corner of the web. I’m a huge travel and design enthusiast. I love talking and writing about both. Here you can find some of my own experiences, choose and use what can be of an assistance to you. But please keep in mind it’s a very personal perspective, my own reality that might not be perceived in the same way by others. So get out there, make your own experiences and then let’s discuss our conclusions.

I believe mass media is a very subjective and untrustworthy source of information, so we would all have a much better overview if more people would be traveling around the world. We have to meet and live with different nationalities in order to understand them better and learn that there’s never only one side of a story.

This is just a draft of a blog I wanted to start writing, just something to keep me going. We are always so good at making up excuses for not starting with something right away. I’ve been making mine for over a year now, lying to myself I can’t make it public before it’s perfect. The biggest mistake a UX designer can make. The blog is a live thing, dependent on its readers. I could make the best possible use case and believe everything is going to turn out just the way I imagined, but it will never end up that way. Even if it did, where’s all the fun then?

There will be a lot of nice pictures on my blog, but please be assured that my life is not more interesting than anybody else’s. I will share all the negative experiences as well, but don’t take it for granted, as my bad experience might be the best one for you.

I’m interested in both being mentored and mentoring. If you think we have the experience to share, let’s get in touch and check if we are a good match to learn from each other.

I am also available to organize remote work for companies. Check how I did it previously to see if I can be of any assistance to you.