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The brothers karamazov rebellion analysis slender body type It scrutinizes the notion of free will to its core. It seems that Ivan has come to an ultimate truth about God and the role of the Church. Stuck between these two forces, both of which his mind has penetrated and is now unable to accept, Ivan loses his sanity. As the third brother and father Karamazov descend into a vice filled feud over money and women, Alyosha and Ivan meet at a restaurant and start discussing God. He also reveals his misanthropy, which makes it difficult for him to believe that others can express love or empathy for a smelly, filthy person. His anecdote contrasts with the kindness with which Stinking Lizaveta was received in town. Ivan, on the other hand, does. For him, knowing a man is what makes it impossible to love him. Others regard them as not having been tainted by the evils and temptations that exist in the world.

Dostoevsky: The Brothers Karamazov - Analysis

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Alyosha tells Lise about Snegiryov's refusal to accept Katerina's two hundred roubles. Lise worries that now the family will starve, but Alyosha is certain that Snegiryov will accept the money tomorrow. Alyosha says that even though Snegiryov is honest and kind, he is also weak.

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To Lise, Alyosha explains the nature of his mission and his failure and analyzes the captain's character for her. As he talks, Lise becomes very impressed with such deep insight and such warmth and love of humanity.

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