Women 'punished' for marrying non-Jordanians

Dating a jordanian man sloane stephens instagram Submitted by Alona CroatiaJan 2, 2013 at 12.48 Jodranian to everyone! I am so glad I found this web site while searching and turning internet upside down in hope to find some answers about the situation I found myself in. Prior to making this comment I want to share with you, I spent TWO MONTHS dedicated into reading and informing myself about Islamic culture, I started to read Quran, I searched for statistic data, I have seen more than 100 youtube videos on women rights in Islam, I talked to my Palestinian friends, to my Turkish friends, my family and I was constantly thinking and observing my brainstorming process. That revelation shocked me, even though I knew I had problems, but this was the first time in my life I actually admited it to myself.

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Women 'punished' for marrying non-Jordanians Marrying non-Jordanian men has put Jordanian women and their children in dangerous and costly situations. The 13-year-old told Al Jazeera he "hated" school five years ago, when his teacher asked him to return textbooks she gave to him by "mistake". He was not entitled to them, she said, because he was Egyptian. It was the first time he had encountered the reality that in his family of eight, only his mother was a Jordanian citizen, while he and his six siblings - despite being born and raised in Jordan - remained "second-class citizens".

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What's Dating an Arab like? - Meet My True Love

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