The McLaren P1 GTR is ready to take gentlemen racing

What does p1 mean in racing dating queen actors A car with four wheels, an engine, two seats and a steering wheel. Practically a Mazda MX-5. What was there to be intimidated by? Let me twang a few nerve endings to remind you what 900bhp felt like through the rear wheels on a damp road. And then McLaren phoned up.

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Pass the driving test. After you pay the required fees and pass the driving test, your photo will be taken. Your licence card will be posted to you.

McLaren P1: Flames, drifts and an unforgettable noise - evo REVIEW

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A limited run of an already exclusive vehicle, the keys to a GTR were only offered up if you already owned a road-legal P1. The P1's performance figures were already outrageous, so instead the GTR was pitched as a window into the life of a racing driver. Buy a car and owners are treated to access to the best racetracks in the world, their car waiting for them when they arrived and the full gamut of engineers, physios, tyres and fuel that a conventional race team might require. As pit lanes go, it's right up there with N24 and Le Mans for the sheer carbon-fibre filled awesomeness of it all.

I too, like everyone else on the planet, thought Stranger Things was pretty darn good. That would be fun as hell.

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Rather, the sound functions in complete opposition to this, Katie Kuffel represented in all of her idiosyncrasy, a persona not mappable into any neat character or temperament for the very reason that it is too fully realised and human.

Too alive for boxes and pigeonholes. Too truthful.

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