Who Is This Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku And How Did She Make Over Million Fans Fall For Her?

Hatsune miku number of fans dating for the first time in your late 20s Pinterest Hatsune Miku is a 16-year-old pop star from Sapporo, Japan. She has neon blue hair, which she wears in pigtails, and bright blue eyes. Since starting her career in 2007, she's opened for Lady Gaga during the 2014 ArtPop tour, she's done a "Happy" remix with Pharrell Williamsand has recently served as a muse for designers like Marc Jacobs and Riccardo Tisci. Here's the catch. Hatsune Miku isn't real.

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A place to share knowledge and better understand the world. Dressing up as the anime character Jessie from Pokemon practically requires an audience who can say, 'Whow, how did you get the hair to stay that way? Fandom is inherently social.

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Exponential business models Hatsune Miku. the first sound from the future How many of you have been to a concert like this. Everything is real, but the pop star on stage is not because she is a hologram? Hatsune Miku. the first sound from the future Some of you might know Hatsune Miku as a holographic star from Japan, known for her iconic pigtails that almost reach the ground.

Paint Tool SAI - Hatsune Miku Shiro fan art

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A fan group from Japan brought Vocaloids to Kawaii Kon 2013.

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