My son Everly changed my life. Our relationship makes me forgive my father…

Who is anthony kiedis dating now dating for mentally ill Thanks for watching! Visit Website Developing an aversion to authority at an early age, Kiedis acted ajthony in school. He eventually convinced his mother to agree to let him live with his father in California. In his early teens, Kiedis moved in with his father and soon began experimenting with drugs.

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Share Anthony Kiedis has some wild stories to tell. From an unconventional upbringing by his father to his life-long battle of heroin and cocaine addiction, to his insane on-stage theatrics, Kiedis never ceases to shock his fans and critics alike. Read on to see some of Kiedis, as told by the singer in his autobiography Scar Tissue, wildest and craziest stories. 1. His father has an acting career.


Many fans are keen to know more about him especially those who read his autobiography titled, Scar Tissue which talked about how he struggled with cocaine addiction and some other personal details. Let us find out more about this American rock singer. He has three siblings from his step-mother who are named Julie, Jenny, and James Kiedis. His parents got divorced when he was just 3 years old and he lived with his mother in Michigan and after getting trouble at school, he moved to live with his father in Los Angeles in 1974.

The record is full of tender tales of love, loss, death, and devotion, all infused with a feeling of familial intimacy that should come as no surprise.

Gundersen's sister Abby sings and plays strings, his brother provides drums, and various friends and relatives sing. The heart of Ledges, though, lies in Gundersen's ability with a pen.

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It does, and actually, this part of the list is tricky. I think the thing with that record is: It was produced by Jim Dickinson down in Mississippi.

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