Why do guys want their girlfriend to be on birth control?

When a guy asks you to go on birth control autism dating websites We're alive in a century when we can get down just for the sake of getting down. And while we are fully aware of the fact that birth control makes sex awesome and way less stressful for our uterus, we hope guys can understand all its glory and sometimes pitfallstoo. Because, believe it or not, dudes, if you're not standing behind a stroller right now, you are reaping the benefits of the BC.

he wants me to take birth control

It wasn't easy when I was 22 and it certainly isn't any easier now that I am 29 and separated. The only good part about being separated and having to go on dates again is that I get to regale you, gentle readers, with the magnificently awkward dates I will undoubtedly be going on. It just so happens I have a gem for you right now.

My First Time: Getting Birth Control

how does birth control affect your relationship

The birth control pill does not prevent or deter STDs. Are you currently in a serious relationship? Have you been engaging in sexual relations with your soul mate no, not Bill Clinton style?

What to Say When a Guy Asks For "Photos"

Let’s Actually Talk About Birth Control

he knows i m not on birth control

Critics said she was back on the spotlight. Along with Fernando Colunga.

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