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The dating project dvd release undeniable signs that he likes you In making one of the darkest satires in some time, he pulls absolutely no punches. Modernizing the Salem Witch Trials is a bold move. In many ways, we deserve this takedown of our society.

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It was a one night premiere in movie theaters across the country on April 17 and my girlfriends and I walked away with much to discuss! I shared a preview of the movie in my post last week, What Is Dating Anyway? The movie follows 5 single persons in various cities in various age groups. Two college students in their teens, Shanzi and Matt, a twenty year old Mexico native architect student, Cecilia, a 30 year old African American woman who is an associate producer, Rasheeda, and a 40 year old white male who has never been married or had children and was struggling to settle down and commit, Chris.

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Jam on this. I felt it. I loved how Kid Dynamite could be so abrasive and in your face and then immediately catchy and very much in tune with the pop-punk that I'd already loved. Venues like Cafe Metropolis and Homebase had shows almost every weekend.

My first acknowledged punk show was a local band Bedford and Stutterbum.

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