Why this Fan’s Ending to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is the Right Way to End the Series

Ted should have married victoria goth dating australia This is my first romantic story, so I would love some feedback. TedxVictoria As Victoria opened the door to her boyfriend Ted's apartment, her heart skipped a beat. The entire room was filled with roses. Roses everywhere.

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By the time Ted tells his kids the story of how he met their mother, Tracy, she's been dead for six years. Robin-Ted shippers will love that the kids then convinced their father to ask Aunt Robin on a date. Ted shows up outside her window with a blue French horn. It's all very devastating, really.

One Little Flaw -- Close your Eyes

Rather, it should become more focused. Emotional reactions will be set aside, and a thorough examination of what went wrong can rise to the surface. But while some of us were tossing our remotes in the air or calling our friends to affirm our complaints, one fan was hard at work creating the ending we all deserved.

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How I Met Your Mother - Ted and Zoey - I Hate You...

HIMYM defines relationship "weirdness"

I have to admit I wish I knew MORE about what was going on with Arkansas music nowadays, but it is getting harder and harder to keep up the older I get. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started playing music and specifically about the formation of Red Forty. There was a band that was playing at high school parties and local shows called SFZ and they needed a bass player. I tried out and got the job and that was the first band I was in. Those were the first shows I ever played in public.

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