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Ted bundy quotes we are your sons how to find dating on craigslist When Ted was fourteen years old, he encountered his first adult magazine, discarded in an alleyway by his house. Intrigued and excited, Ted ae dived into the world of pornography—rough sex in particular. Ann Burr, an eight year old in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont, disappeared not far from a construction site where Bundy was sighted. Thus began his descent into the dark world of kidnapping, rape and murder. Throughout the series, Bundy doesn't shy away from the spotlight, and offers insight to the inner workings of his mind through interviews and discussions over the years. Of course, without the disturbing backstory of these quotes, listening to Bundy's words may leave you unimpressed. Bundy used his charm and good looks to convince women to help him as he faked injury before kidnapping, raping, torturing, and then killing them. Bundy's necrophiliac tendencies, his smooth manners, and his unruffled response to questions about his crimes make his quotes some of the most unsettling to ever come out of a serial killer's mouth.

21 Serial Killer Quotes That Will Chill You To The Bone

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The film focuses on the infamous serial killer from the perspective of his ex-girlfriend, Liz Kloepfer , and it shows Bundy played by Zac Efron from the beginning of his relationship with her to his murder conviction. Throughout that entire time period, the real Bundy maintained his innocence and refused to confess to any crimes. But once he was put on death row, it was a different story. During hundreds of hours of interviews with journalists and government agents, Bundy slowly began to expose himself... On guilt Cosmo From the time Bundy was first arrested to his sentencing, he never admitted to any wrongdoing.

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