Lala Kent Didn't Let Her Feud With 50 Cent Ruin Her Relationship

Lala kent instagram discrete data meaning Hailing from an extremely close, traditional family — her parents have been married for over 35 years — Kent relocated to Beverly Hills and soon made a name for herself as the no-nonsense, outspoken — sometimes flirtatious — hostess on knt television. Being a part of a hit reality show soon changed Kent's life very quickly. She began getting recognized by fans, her private life became very public, she garnered several lustrous career opportunities, and she met the man of her dreams.

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By Pippa Raga 2 months ago If you logged into social media this weekend, you might have caught wind of 50 Cent 's latest Instagram beef with Randall Emmett. It's far from the first time the rapper has taken his shade to public social media platforms, but if you need a bit of a refresher on what this weekend's feud was about, we've got you covered. The entire beef seems to boil down to one very big tab that 50 Cent claims was never settled. It was a convoluted storm that even got queen of the internet Chrissy Teigen involved.

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Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Yeah, hopefully it doesn't. We'll see, won't we.

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In this same year, at the suggestion of her mother, Lucerito left her mentor from the first two albums, Sergio Andrade, as the gossip began to grow that he had fallen in love with her. To avoid problems, the music company decided to release another album, but this time without the guidance of Sergio Andrade.

This album was a change in style, opting for more teen-oriented pop music.

Lala Kent & 50 Cent’s Twitter Drama - WWHL

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