'Pretty Little Liars' Addresses Its Statutory Rape Problem, But Not In The Way We Hoped

Ian harding age when pll started ocd and fear of dating Other times, these characters startdd brought in, and their plotlines don't really go anywhere. Jordan Hobart is one of the latter. Even if you could get past David Coussins' slightly out-of-place Australian accent, it was pretty clear that he couldn't take Caleb Rivers' place as Hanna's main squeeze. Caleb's relationship with Spencer ended up being much more interesting, as Coussins just didn't deliver any compelling drama.

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While some may say the student-teacher relationship is inappropriate, others believe the pairing is the core relationship of the show. Sadie Says. It's creepy and illegal I can handle the seven-year age difference — especially because Aria was 16 when she met Ezra, the legal age of consent in Pennsylvania — but I will never be able to completely accept the student-teacher dynamic. Yeah, it's hot. I won't pretend otherwise.

Real Age Of Pretty Little Liars Actors

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Of course, the role of Ezra Fitz is one of the most prominent in his movie list, but it is not the only one Ian should be praised for. He is 180 cm tall and his body is slim enough. Girls like watching him on the screen; they admire his full lips and wide open smile.

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Auditioning Experiences w/ Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars Edition) Pt. 1 - Shay Talk

The show has gifted us with many strong women characters, a thousand theories including our epic end-game one , and a great portrayal of friendship between women in their teenage years and early 20s. But, there has always been one big problem with the show — how relationships with underage girls and grown men are portrayed. While all of the main females are now in their 20s, the shadows of statutory rape from their youth are still there.

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