Reverting to a Previous Version of Java for Windows

Force java update check maria shriver young Though essential to some web users, most people do not need to risk running Java on their machines because of all the security vulnerabilities associated with Java. Also, it keeps the latest version installed, which you might not want either. Is Java Installed?

java 8 update 171

Since I never installed or played the game before, I was unfamiliar with the setup and assumed that it was still necessary to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on the computer to run it at all. Turns out that this is only partially correct anymore. Mojang offers standalone versions of Minecraft for Windows that ship with an integrated version of Java that the game uses by default on new installations. You can verify that this is the case right on the download page on the official website where it states under Windows that "you don't need Java installed to run" the Windows versions of Minecraft. Once you have downloaded minecraft.

How to Install Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on Windows 10

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