Welcome to Type Connection, a typographic dating game.

Font like dating game joke about internet dating Twitter Advertisement The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is the famous pangram for anyone who pays attention to fonts and the art of typography. There will be a lot of kerning and only the strong characters will survive. Well, I did manage to playfully throw in some font terms there.


Which typeface would you snog, marry, avoid? Shares Graphic designer and Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman has been finding ways to make typography fun and exciting for a mainstream audience for years. Previous explorations have looked at how fonts taste and feel, but for her new type psychology dating game, What's Your Type. The Type Dating Game, Hyndman has started a conversation using a language we can all understand. the language of love. Designed to test how type-savvy you are and to help players understand type in a totally new way, What's Your Type is a new card game from Laurence King Publishing that explains font 'personalities'. Players can choose from four different styles of play, including a typographic twist on the ever-popular 'snog, marry, avoid'.

Contestant on Dating Game Show Turned Out to be a Serial Killer

So probably better to leave it be. Dan Ozzi is on Twitter. This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

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Best Free Online Tools For Font Pairing

Do you have to respond to 'em. You can't please everybody.

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