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Finally, Lisa Spencer thought as she eyed her latest first date. I finally hit the dating jackpot. Spencer, a 30-year-old teacher at Omaha South High School, got divorced nearly three years ago. Since then, she has gone on a first date with a man who showed up wearing gym shorts and proceeded to ogle the waitress for long stretches of the evening. She has gone on a second date with a man who invited her over to his house but failed to warn her it wasn't exactly his — Mom and Dad greeted her from the couch when she walked in.

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That kind of just boggled my mind, realizing how young these kids actually are. I remember interviewing Brian once and he was telling me that soldiers come up to him to say your music helped get them through tours of duty, which feels nice. Is it hard to reconcile that. You keep a lot of the things soldiers and widows give you, right.

Rejoined on guitar first time I played seriously around the Heavier than Heavenв release in One of my favorite bands I've been in with my best bud, Alex. Filled in most recently for Down to Nothing. Just recently played Bogota, Colombia and Mexico City. Pretty phenomenal. We travelled to these amazing pyramids like an hour outside of Mexico City and we Down to Nothing were all just freaking out that hardcore brought us here.

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Baker finds herself boxing with the devil and screaming at god for a way to fix her, framing these internal anxieties in the greater context of the eternal struggle for the soul. Like the classic record, Turn Out the Lights is able to wring tension out of its quiet moments before culminating in explosive crescendos like its thundering title track. She starkly captures how depression can consume and make daily tasks seem insurmountable, to where the simple act of clicking in a seat belt as a form of self-preservation becomes a challenging accomplishment.

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