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Dating a dentist reddit online dating app free download Ancient Teeth Tell the History of Equine Dentistry Researchers studied 3,000-year-old skeletal remains from Mongolia to debtist the origins of veterinary dental practices. This form of equine dentistry makes wearing metal mouthpieces, or bits, a tad more comfortable for creatures whose long service to humans galvanized the spread of civilizations throughout history, aiding in trade, warfare, transport, and communication. William Tayloran archaeologist at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, Germany, was studying horse bones at the National Museum aa Mongolia and carrying out his own excavations in the East Asian country when local researchers told him about this form of oral health care that modern-day Mongolian herders administer to their horses. In all, the group studied horse specimens from 29 different sites across Mongolia, including horse remains that were ritualistically entombed alongside stone monuments featuring carvings of deer—important symbols in early Mongolian art. Studying these samples in detail, the team identified two different dental procedures carried out by early, pastoral Mongolians.

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