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Asylum based horror movies what happened at the end of austin and ally Talk A far-off scream turns into a cackle of deranged laughter. Hands reach out through steel bars. Straitjacketed crazies cower in padded cells; lights flicker asyulm and off down endless maze-like corridors; groans and whispers echo through the shadows—is there anywhere that exerts a stronger pull over the darker recesses of our cinematic imaginations than the insane asylum?

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It's an oft visited setting for many a horror film, especially when it comes to sequels! With the idea of damaged minds populating the halls of such institutions for years, many of them violent, it's only natural that film makers took to the setting like moths to a flame. So here we go folks, 9 other insane asylum films to put you in the ward! The Dead Pit Combining the creepy confines of a mental hospital with the evil of a satanic doctor equals mediocre success! The odd fire hose scene where our heroin is clad in only white panties and a white shirt is a nice touch too.

EVIL ASYLUM [Episode 3] - Horror Movie Mashup

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According to most people, that is not a normal meal. For The Silence of the Lambs, it makes for a spectacularly abnormal film.

I watch horror quite often during the rest of the year, but in October I strive to watch at least one horror movie per day. Some days I watch old favorites.

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However, you can still listen with the Spotify or Apple Music playlist at the bottom of the page. So for Lucero 's new album, which coincides with the band's 20th anniversary playing together, everything was in working order, but they decided to do a little musical demolition anyway.

Recorded live in one room with producer Matt Ross-Spang at Memphis' legendary Sam Phillips Recording, Among the Ghosts pulls off the difficult feat of capturing some of its raw live energy to tape in a way the band hasn't done since its first handful of albums.

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